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WHO (People Development)

The "Who" section of the NEC Way includes the progression of historical statements that articulate what NEC group expects from its employees. We recognize that our people are core to our company. And as our employees proactively embody these values, our company will achieve its vision.


NEC Group Core Values

In 2007, along with the NEC Group Vision, we announced the NEC Group Core Values.

Code of Conduct

NEC's "Code of Conduct" was established in 2004. This code, applicable to all NEC Group employees, define matters that need to be complied with on a daily basis.

Basic Position

  1. WE will comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and in-house regulations, including this Code, in every aspect of our corporate activities at all times. WE will strive to ensure that all corporate activities are in compliance with normal business practices and social ethics.
  2. WE will respect the fundamental human rights of all people in every aspect of our corporate activities. Moreover, WE will not act in such a way that may offend the dignity of any individual or be prejudicial on the grounds of race, beliefs, gender, age, social position, family origin, nationality, ethnicity, religion, or physical or mental handicap.
  3. WE will respect the privacy of individuals, such as customers, business partners, and our Employees.
  4. WE will maintain impartial, fair, and open relationships with all the stakeholders of our company and will conduct business in a fair manner with them.
  5. WE will not take any action pursuing our personal or a third party's interests against our company's legitimate interests.
  6. WE will not carry out any actions whatsoever that may damage the NEC Group's social trust or honor.
  7. WE will establish an effective internal control system and implement it.
  8. WE will accurately and fairly maintain all accounting and other records in accordance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, and in-house regulations, and properly execute our duties. WE will not carry out any unlawful accounting transactions or actions that may cause losses to the NEC Group.
  9. With an awareness of our position as a member of society, WE will always act in accordance with a good social conscience based on high moral and ethical standards.

People Philosophy

In 2017, our Top Management announced our People Philosophy. This statement was developed by our Top Management in V-Camp. In order to achieve our objective of "Orchestrating a brighter world" it is necessary to promote, evaluate and develop people who live the value creation process.

As NEC Group builds our Social Solutions businesses,we value employees who are ethical,who respect diversity,who think long term with a broad perspective,and who work in a boundaryless way to achieve results.Furthermore, NEC values executives and leaders who create organizations full of innovation and open communication.